The Company

A territory , a culture.
A life style which expresses all flavors of the Italian wine’s tradition.

A great past with a step in the future

The winery Ca’ di Frara was founded in 1905 from the enthusiastic vision of Giovanni Bellani grand grandfather of the today owner Luca. The winery is located in Casa Ferrari (in the local dialect Cà di Frara) near by the Mornico Losana village - in an ideal position for the wine grapes’ cultivation. The vineyards are situated on beautiful and mild hills shielded from Easterly and Westerly winds. The unique territory conformation guaranties a microclimate which consists of mild temperatures in winter and ideally warm and windy summers.
The territory, the climate and the 110 years of experience and passion, made possible the development of extremely high-quality wines.

"You have to follow the natural elements of the land where vineyards are, to achieve the highest quality of the final product"

The Origins

Three generations have marked the history of CA' DI FRARA. Today Luca is the tradition, the creation and total dedication to viticulture: everything leads to a great harmony of wines and sparkling wines, with a number of excellent labels. There are twists of life that are the lifeblood that constitutes the company's style. Since 1905 the harvests are followed one after the other ...

The Man

"The work is intended to enhance the smooth process of nature, so generous in these places".

In this island characterized by luxurian wineyards, natural cultivations have been carried out: fungicidetreatments have always been controlled and minimized through unpolluting products. Wineyards have been chosen according to a scrupulous clonal selection: grape is exclusively hand-harvested and brought to the vinification cellar solely in cases. The soft squeezing of grapes yields 50% and the following fermentation in purity takes place steadily at controlled temperature. The choice for such a total respect for the product shows likewise the manufacturer Luca Bellani's iron will. He is achieving something really unique in this territory, with the support of his brother Matteo.