The Region

"The organic matter of which the land made is a project's requirement, a key element for building the product wine"

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The territories where Ca’ di Frara winery is growing its grapes are characterized by a very particular soil composition: high presence of clay in the Mornico area and substantial presence of chalk and limestone in the near area of Oliva Gessi. The clay composition of the soil, optimal for the cultivation of wine grapes Barbera, Croatina and Pinot Nero, guarantees a production of red wine of intense flavor and aroma. The chalk and limestone soil composition, in contrast, is deal for the growth of wine grapes of Pinot Grigio, Pinot Nero (Sparkling Wine) and Riesling Renano. In this area, also called “Riesling valley” , grow wine grapes which produce white wines and sparkling Cuvèe of excellent quality.


"A chalky soil helps to produce fine and elegant wines with intense minerality"


"A land that gives finesse to wines with good body and good acidity with a lingering scent"


"Wines made to be durable, with intense pigmentation, persistent smells, richness and smoothness of alcohol"